Qualified styling makes sense!

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Qualified styling makes sense!

The thought of styling a vacant property for sale is daunting to some. However, enlisting the assistance of a qualified interior styling company, like Design Sister will allow them to showcase the true value of your property and in turn it will achieve a higher sale price. The more attractive you make a product. i.e. your property, the more potential buyers will want to own it. Our styling process is professional and hassle free. We do all the work for you.

Let’s meet.

By confirming a complimentary appointment with us, we will meet you on site to discuss the various options available to present your property and highlight the architectural details and positive points of your property. We will transform your property from vacant and bland space to warm, welcoming and portray a lifestyle. This allows the buyer to witness the true function and capabilities of each space has to offer. We appeal to the target demographic (the buyers) and hence style for the buying public.

The Styling Proposal

Within 12 hours of our appointment, we will email you an interior styling proposal detailing what we will place in each interior space. This will include all costs and the second months hire details, if required. 90% of the buying public are unable to “visualise” furniture in a vacant space. We will also include some recent completed projects to demonstrate the results we have achieved working with similar sized properties.

Let’s talk Style.

Selling your vacant property can be stressful, but by employing our qualified Design Team, they will select the correct furniture concept and style for the property. We provide complimentary neighbourhood research to accurately aim the correct furniture package for the correct demographic.
This results in an extra ROI, especially as this is YOUR investment. We aim to transform and create a beautifully styled space which appeals immediately to the potential buyers.

Achieving the perfect vision

The interior vision is curated by a qualified interior designer/stylist, who from our imported and locally selected furniture portfolio, creates a bespoke furniture concept. We always thrive on achieving the correct “look” and style while taking into consideration the latest style trends and colour hues. This results in a cohesive interior scheme portraying a perceived lifestyle. We own all our own bespoke furniture, premium wall art, feature cushions and luxury soft furnishings.

Our primary styling goal is to create a vacant property that will photograph beautifully to entice potential buyers to the styled property. If you lose buyers online, they will never come to the scheduled home opens. Professional photography will encourage them and get them to the front door to feel the emotion inside the property.

We ensure the property flows well during the properties home opens with adequate traffic pathways throughout.

In Conclusion

It’s vitally important to remember here that interior styling “for sale” is not the same as styling to your personal taste. There is a huge difference.
Less is always more. ☺